21 Day Fix – Meal Planning Week 2

Woo! Made it through week one, and actually stuck to the plan! (Except for a couple slices of pizza at lunch on Saturday). Here’s what’s on the menu for week 2:


  • Breakfast: 2 eggsR
  • Snack: Yogurt, 2 tangerines (still don’t have my Shakeology yet?)RP
  • Lunch: Turkey burger patty with monterrey jack cheese, sweet potatoes RYB
  • Snack: Dark chocolate chips, carrots & celery, peanutsYGO
  • Dinner: Salmon, spinach, tomatoesRGG
  • Snack: StrawberriesP


  • Breakfast: Shakeology (hopefully! ?)R
  • Snack: 2 eggs, pumpkin seedsRO
  • Lunch: Meatloaf, roasted carrots and potatoesRGY
  • Snack: Blueberries, carrots & celeryPG
  • Dinner: Beef & vegetable stewRG
  • Snack:¬†Dark chocolate chips, almondsYB


  • Breakfast: ShakeologyR
  • Snack: Yogurt, almondsRB
  • Lunch: Beef & vegetable stew, 2 tangerinesRGP
  • Snack: Carrots/celery, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate chipsGOY
  • Dinner: Verde chicken, quinoa, spinachRYG
  • Snack: StrawberriesP


  • Breakfast: ShakeologyR
  • Snack: 2 eggs, blueberriesRP
  • Lunch: Verde chicken, quinoa, spinachRYG
  • Snack: Carrot/celery/cucumber, pumpkin seedsGO
  • Dinner: Steak, roasted brussels sprouts, sweet potatoesRGY
  • Snack: Strawberries, almondsPB


  • Breakfast: ShakeologyR
  • Snack: YogurtR
  • Lunch: (Work-catered) Make good choices!RYG
  • Snack: (Holiday party) ^^GOP
  • Dinner: Eat out at Verts (grilled chicken, salad, hummus, sweet potato fries)RGBY
  • Snack: StrawberriesP


  • Breakfast: ShakeologyR
  • Snack: 2 eggs, 2 tangerinesRP
  • Lunch: Eat out at Pita Fusion (Grilled chicken wrap, hummus, veggies, cheese) RYGB
  • Snack: Pumpkin seeds, carrots/celeryOG
  • Dinner: Salmon, potatoes, broccoliRYG
  • Snack: StrawberriesP


  • Breakfast: Shakeology, whole wheat waffleRY
  • Snack: Yogurt, pumpkin seedsRO
  • Lunch: Chicken burrito bowlRGBY
  • Snack: Carrots/celery, berriesGP
  • Dinner: Beef & vegetable stewRG
  • Snack: StrawberriesP


Mostly off the cuff and leftovers this week, but I will be trying:

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