Scream Inside Your Heart cross-stitch pattern

Download the pdf pattern: one page version for digital use or a 3 page version for printing. Pattern for personal use only; please do not redistribute.

This pattern was inspired by the beautiful work posted by Rachel Burgoon on Facebook, showing a delicately stitched message on a miniature scroll. It translates to “Scream Inside Your Heart,” as posted by a Japanese amusement park to prevent the spread of Covid.

I created this using her recommended technique, creating the calligraphy using the site  and then used my pattern editor of choice (PCStitch) to turn the image into a pattern.

This pattern area is 31 x 240 stitches, and she stitched it over one on 28 ct fabric, which would give it the final stitched area of ~ 1 inch by 8.5 inches.

Enjoy! Comment if you make this; I would love to see more finished versions!


Hello! Welcome to March. Felt like making a blog post today because it seems like I’ve been extremely productive this weekend. Unfortunately, my finger feels jammed from being hit yesterday with an air hockey puck (thanks, Mark) but I’ll endure it to type this out.

The weekend started Friday I suppose, when my Perler bead order came in so I finished John’s seminole magnet. I also started recording my first sing-a-ma-jig video, so that’s exciting. I hope to finish that up tonight. I’ve been working on my charity quilt cross stitch square; this year I’m doing a screen shot from the pinball game Crystal Caliburn. I’m probably 2/3 done with that; another couple weeks left I think. Update: see the Sing-a-ma-jig video here!

Saturday was the Day of Activity. Started out playing disc golf in the morning, wasn’t entirely terrible. It was foggy and damp when we started though, so my feet were completely soaked through within minutes. After coming home and drying out, we had a kickball practice in the afternoon, it was probably near 80 by that point, so all the moisture was gone. Last night, we went to lazer tag (thus the air hockey injury) but I did come back to win from a 6-2 deficit, so I’d say I came out ahead. I mention that it was 80 yesterday afternoon so that I can point out that it is now 27 with a wind chill of 15 at the same time of day. WTF, weather.

I also repaired Manoj’s dart board, baked cookies, got a Costco membership, and made a needle-felted turnip.

Ooh! Ooh! And I just got a new Mac laptop! My old one died a few months ago, but I have put off biting the bullet and getting a new Mac since I didn’t think I really needed one, but now that I want to do more video editing, and learn Xcode for a new project, I finally got one and am super excited.

Hm, I think that’s all. Time to go finish up the sing-a-ma-jig video, which I will share with you shortly!

Year Recap!

Well, hello everybody! I’ve been pretty much the worst blogger ever this year; this has turned more into a quarterly/semi-annual blog than something to actually keep you up to date on what’s going on. Well, I suppose I haven’t deleted it yet. Speaking of, welcome to eknightmusic version 2.0! Probably doesn’t look entirely different, but wordpress has been replaced with just html and jquery.

In other news, finished my first 6 months at GM! I’m taking the rest of the month off, so I’m looking forward to probably even longer of a break than I had while teaching. No plans other than visiting friends/family, but I’ll probably do plenty of crafting. I just bought 7 wall frames at Hobby Lobby, so I now have even more reason to get some pieces done. I’m signed up to have an artist table at Game Over’s Classic Game Fest 2014 in August, so I’m getting my big items prepared. I posted a while back about my “classified” project, so I can post about it now! Keep your eyes peeled in bookstores for “Star Trek Cross-Stitch” (or check it out on Amazon). It’s a book full of Star Trek cross stitch patterns, and I stitched the sampler that is pictured in the book. Bonus points if you tell me the misprint they made on my name!

There’s another secret book in the works that I’ll hopefully be stitching another sample for. In other other news, we started remodeling our guest bathroom. We put down the tile in a weekend, and have been stuck getting it finished since then. We want to order a new countertop, but mostly have just been forgetting about it since we never go in there. Hopefully we can get it done over the break. Oh! While at Lowe’s getting remodel stuff, we got a new Stanley Plant! This one’s all grown up, so I generally call him Daddy Stanley. Thinking about letting him take over Stanley’s old Facebook page.

I think that mostly sums it up; I’ve been pretty busy with work and crafts. Life’s good! Tasha and Mark are good. Looking forward to a break, I’m pretty exhausted right now. We already watched all three Lord of the Rings extended editions over Thanksgiving break, so I don’t know what to watch 🙂 . Need to come up with some series’ to keep me occupied while I stitch. Ooh, also working on the t-shirt quilt of all my high school shirts. Hopefully will finish that over the break, too. That may warrant another post.

Spring Semester – Busy Busy

Hello, world.

So… 2 AM, first blog post in 4 months sounds like a good idea. I’m not just staying up for no reason, my classes are all in the afternoon/evening this semester so I end up staying up late when I get home and sleeping in the next day. I’m currently working on stitching a lime cat. Game Over, the used game store I sell my game art at, is having an art show in March during SXSW, so I’ve been preparing tons of items to stock my table.

While the art show is most on my brain on the weekends, the biggest update since October is I accepted a job offer at GM! They are opening a new tech center in Austin and I’m going to start there in June, after I finish my certificate in May. The last day of class is April 29th this year, which is the first time I’ve ever heard of a semester ending in April. Unfortunately I still have finals spanning the next two weeks after that, but hopefully Mark and I will get to take a vacation to San Diego or Santa Monica before I start work.

In other news: pantry cookies are the best things ever. Buy 2 bars of Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate, and follow the recipe for the chocolate cookies, except use butterscotch chips instead of chocolate, and pecans instead of walnuts. They are outstanding. I am calling them as such because I wanted cookies and didn’t want to go to the store, so I made them out of random things I had in the pantry. Result = success.

Just to throw in some music news, so that this post covers all four categories of my blog, Mollie and I are playing/singing at the Ukulele Society meeting this week! First time I’ve volunteered to play, so I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve made so many items recently I’m having a hard time picking one to feature here. I think I’ll go with my Neo Cortex stitch that won December’s villain’s cross stitch challenge vote:

Update – 1st Real Semester

Well, it’s been a long time since I last posted, but I guess I feel like nothing as major as surgery or returning to college has happened in the past 3 months. I think I’ll try to post an update at least every month or so, just in case anyone’s interested in my progress.
First, school: Everything’s going well; digital logic is really hard. I’m actually currently studying for an exam on Saturday morning, which is probably how I ended up thinking now would be a great time to make a blog post. Same reason I baked cookies and cooked dinner last night, I think. Apparently procrastination leads to productivity.

Other news, crafts: I’m currently working on a Halloween sampler, which I certainly won’t finish until after Halloween, because I’m also working on a swap gift that’s also due on the 31st (basically like a craft pen pal, pretty cool.) I may post that when I finish it as well.

Ooh, fun news: Mark got us tickets to Comic Con this weekend, which includes the entire cast of Star Trek TNG. I’m pretty upset that my exam is during Patrick Stewart’s Q&A, but I’ll get over it. Just means I need to do even more studying tonight because I won’t want to do it tomorrow when we’re seeing Marina Sirtis and Gates McFadden. Other news that makes me squee… going to see Jukebox the Ghost on Monday, and Regina Spektor the next Monday! (which is Mark and my 12th anniversary since we started dating. We’re coming up on the half of our lives together anniversary… need to plan something special for that. Maybe go to Europe 🙂 Assuming I have a job again at some point in the next two years… haha.) Aaaand final exciting concert-related news, bought tickets this morning to see Guster in January! Apparently it’s Erin’s Favorite Bands week.

Hmm.. other music news: I joined a band! I’m playing trumpet in an all-girl rockabilly/punk/blues band called Danger*Cakes. I’ve played with them in a handful of shows in Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio. We’re signed (with a distribution deal), and our CD release party is next Friday!

Programming news: I’m learning Python and web app development (outside of my actual classes) and I’m looking forward to making some interactive games. I could just regress and make them in Flash, but I feel like pushing myself to do something new. I also really feel like I need to start working on Java again, now that I’m doing things with classes and objects in C++, it makes me want to dust off my OOP chops.

When I string it all together like that, and think that none of that had happened last time I posted, it makes it seem like a LOT has happened in the past 3 months! How about that.

I’ll leave you with a picture from ACL. Which one… rain day? Chili Peppers? I think Chili Peppers.