Granny Square Pixel Blanket

One of my projects for my baby-to-be is a large crochet granny square blanket, with a pixel portrait of baby Yoshi on it.

I’m about 15% done so far; may or may not finish by May. Either way, it’s a fun project you can work on a little bit at a time, and I have created a YouTube playlist featuring the project start-to finish.

Since I know not everyone (including me) likes to watch videos unless I have to, I’ve written up a summarized transcript of them here. The videos do go into more detail, so if you have the time or need some further info (or visual help), please do watch them.

If you undertake your own pixel blanket, I’d love to see the progress!

Intro – Granny Square Pixel Blanket

In this first video, I explain how I created my Yoshi pattern, and how to calculate how big your blanket will turn out.

If you already know what character you want to use, the first step is to find a sprite (small, clear, pixel image) of the character. A great place to look is The Spriters Resource, where you can look up sprites by system, and game.

Once you have your sprite chosen, you can throw it in some pattern software, or create a pixel pattern by zooming in on the image, or by drawing it on graph paper. If you want more detail on how to create patterns using pattern software, check out this video.

To determine the finished size of your pattern, count the number of pixels wide and tall it is, and multiply those dimensions by how big one of your finished squares will be. To be really accurate, you will need to stitch a square with the type of yarn and hook you plan to use for the blanket, and measure it. My gauge square came out to 3.5″ x 3.5″.

Since my pixel image was 16 x 16, this would make a square blanket of 56″ x 56″ with no additional border. Since I wanted it to be rectangular, and be about the size of a twin sized blanket, I added two rows of border to the sides, and 4 rows to the top and bottom. This makes my finished pattern 20 x 24, and the blanket size 70″ x 84″. I used this chart to reference what size standard blankets are.

Making a Granny Square – Part 1

(Abbreviations: Ch – chain, Sl St – slip stitch, Dc, double crochet)

Round 1:

Start by tying slipknot on your hook with a long tail (~6 inches).
Ch 4.
Sl St into first chain to create a loop
Ch 3, then Dc 2 into the center of your loop
Ch 2 to make the first corner
*Dc 3, Ch 2* 3 times, all into the center of your loop
Sl St to join to the 3rd chain of your original Ch 3.

Making a Granny Square – Part 2

Round 2:

Ch 3, turn your work
Dc 2, Ch 2, Dc 3 in the corner gap
Ch 1
*Dc 3, Ch 2, Dc 3 in the next corner, Ch 1* three times
Sl St to join to the 3rd chain of your original Ch 3.

Making a Granny Square – Part 3

Round 3:

Ch 3, turn your work
Dc 2 in the center gap
*Ch 1, Dc 3, Ch 2, Dc 3 in the corner, Ch 1, Dc 3 in the center* three times,
Ch 1, Dc 3, Ch 2, Dc 3 in the corner, Ch 1, Sl St to join to the 3rd chain of your original Ch 3.

Making a Granny Square – Part 4

Your square is complete! Time to tie off the ends. Pull the center tail to close up the hole in the center of your square. Then use a sharp yarn or upholstery needle to weave it in completely around the center circle 1-2 times. For your last stitch, go back in the opposite direction to really lock it in.

For the upper tail, to weave it in seamlessly, sew the tail from back to front under both loops of the center stitch (in the middle of the center shell). Then, take the needle down through the center of the chain stitch to the right of the shell. Then, weave in the end down toward the middle of the square and back up toward the edge. Trim your tails up against the square.

Hidden, Flat, Reversible Granny Square Join

This one was a method I created myself, after trying several other join methods and not being happy with the look. I do recommend watching this one so you can see what I’m describing, but I’ll take a stab at putting it into words in its own blog post with some pictures.

Update: Finished blanket! 4/19/16

eknightmusic 3.0

Sorry everybody. It’s been a long time.

Unfortunate that it takes a website makeover to get me to write a blog post. Hopefully with this snazzy new site, I’ll be more inspired to write some. Not only that, I have lots of life updates to talk about!

bebeHard to believe it’s been a year and a half since my last update. Since that last post, we, oh, bought a new house. I’m the president of the Austin Symphonic Band this year, so putting a lot of time toward that.

I started a new job at Headspring in August, doing front-end development. Shortly thereafter, I found out that I’m pregnant! Just found out last week that it’s a baby girl. She’s due in May.

Funny how such big events can be summarized so briefly. But, alas, I am tired. Good night!


Hello! Welcome to March. Felt like making a blog post today because it seems like I’ve been extremely productive this weekend. Unfortunately, my finger feels jammed from being hit yesterday with an air hockey puck (thanks, Mark) but I’ll endure it to type this out.

The weekend started Friday I suppose, when my Perler bead order came in so I finished John’s seminole magnet. I also started recording my first sing-a-ma-jig video, so that’s exciting. I hope to finish that up tonight. I’ve been working on my charity quilt cross stitch square; this year I’m doing a screen shot from the pinball game Crystal Caliburn. I’m probably 2/3 done with that; another couple weeks left I think. Update: see the Sing-a-ma-jig video here!

Saturday was the Day of Activity. Started out playing disc golf in the morning, wasn’t entirely terrible. It was foggy and damp when we started though, so my feet were completely soaked through within minutes. After coming home and drying out, we had a kickball practice in the afternoon, it was probably near 80 by that point, so all the moisture was gone. Last night, we went to lazer tag (thus the air hockey injury) but I did come back to win from a 6-2 deficit, so I’d say I came out ahead. I mention that it was 80 yesterday afternoon so that I can point out that it is now 27 with a wind chill of 15 at the same time of day. WTF, weather.

I also repaired Manoj’s dart board, baked cookies, got a Costco membership, and made a needle-felted turnip.

Ooh! Ooh! And I just got a new Mac laptop! My old one died a few months ago, but I have put off biting the bullet and getting a new Mac since I didn’t think I really needed one, but now that I want to do more video editing, and learn Xcode for a new project, I finally got one and am super excited.

Hm, I think that’s all. Time to go finish up the sing-a-ma-jig video, which I will share with you shortly!

Year Recap!

Well, hello everybody! I’ve been pretty much the worst blogger ever this year; this has turned more into a quarterly/semi-annual blog than something to actually keep you up to date on what’s going on. Well, I suppose I haven’t deleted it yet. Speaking of, welcome to eknightmusic version 2.0! Probably doesn’t look entirely different, but wordpress has been replaced with just html and jquery.

In other news, finished my first 6 months at GM! I’m taking the rest of the month off, so I’m looking forward to probably even longer of a break than I had while teaching. No plans other than visiting friends/family, but I’ll probably do plenty of crafting. I just bought 7 wall frames at Hobby Lobby, so I now have even more reason to get some pieces done. I’m signed up to have an artist table at Game Over’s Classic Game Fest 2014 in August, so I’m getting my big items prepared. I posted a while back about my “classified” project, so I can post about it now! Keep your eyes peeled in bookstores for “Star Trek Cross-Stitch” (or check it out on Amazon). It’s a book full of Star Trek cross stitch patterns, and I stitched the sampler that is pictured in the book. Bonus points if you tell me the misprint they made on my name!

There’s another secret book in the works that I’ll hopefully be stitching another sample for. In other other news, we started remodeling our guest bathroom. We put down the tile in a weekend, and have been stuck getting it finished since then. We want to order a new countertop, but mostly have just been forgetting about it since we never go in there. Hopefully we can get it done over the break. Oh! While at Lowe’s getting remodel stuff, we got a new Stanley Plant! This one’s all grown up, so I generally call him Daddy Stanley. Thinking about letting him take over Stanley’s old Facebook page.

I think that mostly sums it up; I’ve been pretty busy with work and crafts. Life’s good! Tasha and Mark are good. Looking forward to a break, I’m pretty exhausted right now. We already watched all three Lord of the Rings extended editions over Thanksgiving break, so I don’t know what to watch 🙂 . Need to come up with some series’ to keep me occupied while I stitch. Ooh, also working on the t-shirt quilt of all my high school shirts. Hopefully will finish that over the break, too. That may warrant another post.

On to Phase Three!

Woohoo, done with school! (for now.) Done with Texas State, anyway. I finished my finals 10 days ago, but I’ve been enjoying my time off and relaxing (a.k.a. crafting) since then. Now that my brain has been able to decompress, I figured I should post an update. Ended up with all A’s, so that’s nice. I will start my new job in 30 days, so I get a nice break first!! Wow, I’ve needed it. I’ve finally gotten around to cleaning out the boxes from teaching middle school. When I packed up my desk/office, I left the stack of boxes in the spare room and there they sat for a year. I really haven’t had a good break since I left teaching (calling that phase one, returning to school = phase two, to explain the title.) Last summer, I started classes the Monday after school got out, and I got my tonsils out in the 2nd part of the summer, so I wasn’t feeling up to sorting through boxes. It’s honestly probably good that I waited this long to go through it, because now I felt in no way guilty about throwing away lesson plan notebooks or judge’s comment sheets. Really, not going to need those things again, and I needed a bit of emotional separation to be able to take that view. Mark and I (mostly Mark) painted the spare bedroom blue today. I can’t fully explain how nice it is to be able to do this stuff I’ve been thinking about for months and just not had the proper time/motivation. We also saw Star Trek: Into Darkness today. I recommend it. This is a really disjointed post, but that’s about how my brain is still functioning at this point. Or maybe it’s the paint fumes. Lastly, I’ve decided to leave Danger*Cakes after our show in New Mexico next month. This is hard for me to do, because I’ve really enjoyed it, but I figured with starting this new job I need to settle down a bit. Here’s a pic from our CD release party:
danger cakes

Hmm…so mostly, no idea what I’m going to be doing at this new job. I’d be nervous, but mostly I’m just excited to be trying something new. I’ll keep you posted!